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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Murder victim’s mother: “how do they sleep at night?”

Police and relatives at the home of Jason Thomas in La Canoa, where he was shot dead.

Pathologists confirmed that Jason Thomas, who was shot at his home in La Canoa, Santa Cruz on Monday afternoon, died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Weeping relatives at the Forensic Science Centre in St James yesterday questioned why Thomas, 29, a dog breeder by trade, was so viciously attacked.

“I want to know how these killers could sleep when the night comes. I want to know how they could live with killing someone else and they have mothers and brothers and sisters,” said Thomas’s mother.

The mother told Newsday she was returning from a nearby parlour at about 3 pm on Monday when she saw four men, dressed in clothing similar to police uniforms and armed with machine guns, running into her yard. Shortly after that, she heard gunshots.

“I started running toward the house, but then a man shouted to me to run for my life, so I had to get away. When the gunmen ran out and I went in, I saw my son in the bathroom. They shot him in his head and his mouth.”

Three other men were also shot. All four were taken to hospital.

Thomas died while the others are said to be in serious condition.

Thomas’ mother described him as a loving child, saying since his father died when he was a toddler. The two had a close relationship.

“If he comes home at 1 am, I would be waiting for him to come so that we could go to sleep. We were sleeping in the same room together. If I got sick, he was the one to come and take care of me. I have another child, a daughter, but she moved out and is living with her husband and children. He was the only one that stayed with me.”

The mother said, as a dog breeder, he had a lot of dogs who were grieving. She said she would take care of them, as Thomas is no longer able to.

Police are continuing investigations.


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