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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

House them in MPs’ offices

THE EDITOR: The Prime Minister must be commended for the humanitarian pronouncement of opening our doors to our neighbours who have been ravished by hurricanes. However, it appears he has “passed the buck” to the citizens of the country to shoulder the responsibility of accommodating those who are homeless, rather than the involvement of the State.

May I suggest to the Prime Minister that, during the six-month period of reprieve, the normal operations of all constituency officers of Members of Parliament and councillors be suspended and representatives open their constituency doors to house our neighbours.

The normal staff that run these offices, with their respective representatives, should be mandated to solicit assistance from corporate citizens within the constituency to assist in providing the necessary conveniences to house families and to monitor their every-day needs. Such a system would necessarily maintain an easy control of those entering our country.



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