One issue at a time, please

THE EDITOR: Why was nothing in place prior to the end of the contract of the Super Fast Galicia as of April 30, 2016?

It was only when the owners of the Galicia stated their intention to leave last April, one year later, that the Port Authority worked “assiduously and expeditiously” to provide replacement vessels to prevent the suffering of the Tobago people. (And they did not suffer during this period?)

And today, no two people have said the same thing to the joint select committee of Parliament.

But we create confusion and mayhem by including other things such as the process of acquisition of the Galicia in 2014, which should be another issue on another occasion.

And we must include the MV Tobago, MV Sue, DC9 aircraft, Lockheed Tri-Star aircraft, Trinidad-Tesoro etc.

The records will show that when Parliament, in the absence of the political leaders of the People’s National Movement and the United National Congress, was addressing the issue of corruption in Parliament on July 27, 1990 ... Well we know what happened.

And we jamming still. But please remain focused.


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"One issue at a time, please"

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