Hope of a Miracle Foundation still operational

In the past 11 years, the Hope of a Miracle Foundation has helped fund surgeries for over 100 youngsters and will continue to do so, but without the aid of its office.

Foundation president Cindy Schutters yesterday told Newsday they are closing their office (but maintaining their operations) as a cost-saving measure in this economic downturn, so donations are targetted to pay for surgeries. She said the foundation is run by four women volunteers who all otherwise have jobs and so whom will now operate the foundation from home.

Newsday asked if people are suffering from donor-fatigue at the many calls for charity, whether medical cases, refugees from Venezuela, or hurricane-hit Caribbean nations? Schutters replied, “There’s so much going on, and a lot of dishonesty going on that people are kind of wary as to who to donate to.”

She said that rather than the public donating to individuals whom they are not sure about, they should donate to registered charities such as the foundation. “As an NGO we have checks and balances, so the donation is rightly used.”

Schutters hoped the corporations could familiarise themselves with the tax-breaks they can get for their donations to registered charities such as the foundation. Meanwhile she said people can contact the foundation at hopeofamiracle10@gmail.com or by phone at 371-6476. The group also has a Facebook page and website, http://hopeofamiracle.com.


"Hope of a Miracle Foundation still operational"

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