Aboud laments stormy political climate

Gregory Aboud
Gregory Aboud

President of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA), Gregory Aboud yesterday expressed his concern over recent devastation in Dominica following the passing of hurricane Maria and also lamented the stormy climate of local politics.

Aboud made the remarks during his address at the renaming ceremony for Miss Universe 1977, Janelle Commissiong at the Government Campus Plaza on Richmond street yesterday.

"There has been around us, unthinkable destruction and tragedy in many of our neighbouring islands scenes of destruction and suffering, transforming entire countries overnight into wastelands of debris, homelessness. Here at home we have our own storms some of them are not related to the other, our trust in authority is being tested and our very faith in the future of our country is strained sometimes."

Without going into further detail, he added that recent developments have caused concern among the public and expressed his distaste for what he described as an undermining of the public's intelligence.

"We are bewildered at the way the roles have been switching between accusers and accused and the extent to which the public sense of intelligence is often taken for granted. What is not in question however, is the timeless beauty of you Janelle Penny Commissiong."

After his address yesterday, Aboud told Newsday that there were intentions by DOMA to assist hurricane-ravaged Dominica, but was unable to divulge any further details.


"Aboud laments stormy political climate"

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