4-year-old boy found alone on CRH

Zeke Henry, the 4-year-old boy found wandering.
Zeke Henry, the 4-year-old boy found wandering.

A four-year-old boy who wandered from his El Socorro home before dawn yesterday was rescued by police officers after he was seen walking aimlessly along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in the vicinity of the DHL compound, El Socorro.

The little boy identified as Zeke Henry was reunited with his mother Marsha Henry and other relatives shortly after 4 am.

According to reports, police constables Gerald Morris and Dillon Ramsumair were on mobile patrol shortly before 4 am along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway when they saw Zeke walking along the shoulder of the westbound lane.

The boy wore a green sleeveless top and three quarter khaki pants. The stunned officers brought the police vehicle to a stop and asked the child where his parents were. He said, he did not know, but bravely gave his name as Zeke Henry.

The policemen placed the boy in their vehicle and PC Morris contacted a female friend who lives in the El Socorro area asking if she knew Zeke or members of his family. She told him that she knows Zeke and where his parents live.

The officers followed the direction given to them and within minutes they were at his parents’ home knocking on the front door, as it was a short distance from where they found Zeke.

A male sibling opened the door and was surprised to see Zeke in PC Morris’ hands. The boy’s parents, who were asleep at the time, were awakened and they too were surprised that Zeke had left the home unnoticed.

His mother told the police that the front door had broken and it was supposed to be repaired.

She told the officer she believed that Zeke opened the door and left the house unnoticed.

Zeke admitted that he opened the door to go outside to play. He said that he was frightened when he reached the highway because the place was dark and no one was around. He promised the officers never to repeat the act again.

Thanking the two officers for safely reuniting Zeke with his family, she said the two officers’ actions gave her an added faith and confidence in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

When told how the officers received the information where Zeke’s parents could be contacted, Marsha said, she believed it was divine intervention that the two officers were on patrol at the time her son was wandering.


"4-year-old boy found alone on CRH"

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