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Thursday 16 August 2018
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4 days after stabbing, mom & daughter see each other

For the first time since they lay on the road bleeding from stab wounds, a mother and daughter saw each other yesterday for a brief moment before being taken back to their respective wards at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The two are being afforded armed police protection especially since the man responsible for their condition is also warded at a different section of the hospital and his associates have sent death threats to the child. The suspect, who tried to commit suicide after stabbing his estranged companion and daughter, remains handcuffed to his bed and is also under police guard.

With the assistance of nurses, the woman was able to leave her bed and visit her daughter’s bedside. “For a moment, they saw each other. The child is not eating properly but she is looking much better,” said a family friend. The child was stabbed in the chest while the mother was stabbed in the chest and hands. Both remain listed as being in serious but stable condition.

The attacker, a 37-year-old PH driver, faces attempted murder charges as well as sexual assault on a minor charges when he is discharged from hospital. Several friends have expressed concern for the safety of the mother and daughter saying a close male relative of the suspect has vowed to kill the two.

“He was the lookout when the man took a knife and attacked the woman and child. This man is still outside and there is no telling what he can do. All it it takes is one opportunity and their could be two murders in the hospital,” said a relative of the woman.

Last Wednesday at 12.30 am, neighbours were awakened by screams and later saw the woman and her daughter bleeding at the side of the road. Two other children, aged five and ten, were found unharmed in the family house. Hours later, residents found the suspect hiding in some bushes, frothing from the mouth.

They subsequently found his cellular phone which showed communication he had with the male relative who was the lookout. Residents believe this accomplice is in Barrackpore plotting the murders of the woman and her daughter.

Prior to the stabbing incident, the woman applied to the courts for a restraining order against her estranged companion (the suspect). Hearing of the application was set for this Friday at the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court.


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