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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Police search for man in beating video

Western Division police are seeking to identify a man from a video posted to social media in which he is beaten by a group of men.

In the almost two minute video reportedly shot on Luis Street, St James at night the man is seen being held down and beaten by four men. At one point the man got up and started fighting with the other men but he was overpowered and beaten and left in a drain in what appeared to be an unconscious state.

Police say that they do not know when the video was taken but they are looking at hospitals in the area to see if the man remains warded.

In an unrelated incident fobe people remain warded in hospital following a shooting in Laventille on Friday night which left one man dead.

The five injured were: Joel Williams, 20; Andy Huggins, 21; Pamela Lee, 34; Sheldon Jemont, 27; and Raymond ­Anthony, 55. The five and a sixth victim, 28 year-old Isiah Sanchez, were taken to the Port of Spain General but Sanchez succumbed to his injuries.

According to reports the six were at St Paul Street at 6pm on Friday when a car-load of gunmen opened fire before speeding off. Four of the five injured are in a stable condition while another was in a serious condition.

Investigations are continuing.


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