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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

PM’s offer suspicious

The discussion currently dominating social media revolves around an offer made by the Prime Minister of TT, extending an invitation to citizens of hurricane-ravaged Dominica welcoming them to this country. This, according to the PM, is his idea of lending assistance to a fellow commonwealth nation.

I have observed as the discussions have turned vitriolic at times, with supporters of the PM accusing opponents of being “racists,” simply on the grounds of disagreement. And in a nation politically divided along ethnic lines, we’re asked “not to see race as a factor.”

While Irma and Maria created havoc, it could not have come at a more opportune time for members of the power structure in TT, providing them with a distraction from the “fake oil” and the Tobago ferry. So it is only fair that we as citizens express concerns of a hidden agenda of the PM in welcoming citizens of ravaged Dominica.

Recognising that politics is simply about power–getting it and holding on to it–inviting citizens of a commonwealth nation to T&T allows them voting rights after one year of being residents. So the PM just might be assuming that citizens of the nation are idiots.

I listen to the conversations and monitor the discussions, like most, and have heard the analogies about being our brothers’ keeper. Yet this nation saw one of our senior citizens die on the lawns of the nation’s hospital with not so much as a squeak from the PM. We have had citizens from Guyana turned away from “Mt Hopeless” simply on the grounds that they were “foreigners.”

While helping others in need is a noble pursuit, inviting them to our homes is not such a brilliant idea. I, for one, am not accepting anyone into my home; not even family members are welcome.

One cannot help but suspect a hidden agenda with the PM, as we have never heard it suggested that Haitians should be welcome here, even after their earthquake. So save us the BS Mr PM.

Rudy Chato Paul, Sr



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