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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Plan B needed for murders

THE EDITOR: Murders this year have already passed 350, more than the days in the year. Adding to this misery is the poor detection rate, which is still struggling to make a pass grade.

While I understand the authorities are doing their best to reduce the murder rate, it is clear there is little impact on the figures. So, is there a plan B for the problem? Plan A is not bringing about the desired results.

The fact remains that until we fix the legal arm we are just spinning top in mud. If murder cases take years before reaching the court, do not expect any change. Also, if convicted killers can live out the rest of their life in jail — hanging is only talk — we will continue to have this problem. The criminals are laughing because they are fully aware of the weak system.

Our leaders need to come up with plan B, something that will bring about a drastic decrease of the brutal murders. We need to stop the talk about crime and become aggressive in dealing with the problem. No more kid gloves when handling people bent on taking lives.

If nothing is done now, I shudder to think what the murder rate would be in a few years.


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