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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Ex Caroni worker gunned down

Ricky Lochan 48, an ex-Caroni Ltd worker who was gunned down near his Golconda home in the early hours of Saturday morning by an unknown assailant.

When Feroza Lochan was awakened by a gunshot shortly before 2 am on Saturday morning at her Cipero Road, Golconda home, she thought nothing of it and quickly went back to sleep unaware that her husband of 24 years Ricky Lochan was the target.

It would take another hour and a half when her nephew returned home around 3.30 am and raised an alarm after he saw Lochan lying dead at the side of the road that she rushed out and got the shock of her life. Her husband, an ex Caroni worker, lying dead on the side of the road.

Feroza , 44, a mother of three daughters and a grandmother of three, frantically called her daughters who lived in close proximity to give them the sad news and then called the Ste Madeleine police station but got no response. While standing at the side of the road they were able to flag down a passing police vehicle which stopped and took charge of the situation .

Speaking at her Golconda home yesterday, Feroza said she was trying to cope with her husband’s sudden passing. She explained that he was returning home from an All Fours match when he was killed.

Surveillance video from nearby cameras showed the killer walking up to Lochan as he emerged from the car to enter the track leading to his home and shooting him at point blank range in the face before escaping with his wallet and cellphone. The killer did not wear a mask.

Feroza said her husband was a good man who never got into trouble and was planning to repair their home. She is praying that the police find the killer .

Feroza’s father Majrudeen Mohammed who came to visit her as news of her husband’s death spread, sat quietly in the gallery of her home still in a daze over the killing.

“I wish he could just come back alive so we could go fishing,” he said.

Mohammed said there was too much crime in the country but the Government could not be blamed as people took it upon themselves to do evil. He is calling on the police to find the killer.

Ste Madeleine Police are continuing investigations.

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