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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Stabbed, molested girl gets death threats

Armed police have been posted at the bed of a 12-year-old girl who along with her mother, were stabbed by a man who later ingested a toxic substance. This as death threats were made to the child who is recovering from a stab to the chest.

Both mother and daughter were stabbed outside their South Trinidad home on Wednesday by a man after the mother petitioned the courts for a restraining order against him. Residents who assisted the woman and her child, later found the man in some bushes and gave him a sound cuttail before calling the police.

The man remains warded in a different ward at San Fernando General Hospital where his victims are also warded. Police said a decision was made to beef up security around mother and daughter and to also manage and limit the number of people allowed to visit them, after death threats were sent to the child. Police sources said that the death threats were made by associates of the male suspect who is handcuffed to the iron rails of his bed. The schoolgirl remains listed as serious but stable. The suspect was expected to appear in court next Friday when the case filed by the woman for a restraining order, was expected to be heard.

Police sources said that the man, when he is discharged from hospital, could face two charges of attempted murder as well as several charges of sexual assault against the child. The mother was stabbed in the chest and hand.


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