Imam: Don’t play politics in helping Dominica

Imam Mushtaq Sulaimani
Imam Mushtaq Sulaimani

People are duty-bound to support Prime Minister Keith Rowley’s call to open the doors of their homes to neighbouring Dominicans who are in need of help, Imam Mashtaq Sulaimani said yesteday. He called for no politicising of the help to Domimnica.

Speaking at the San Fernando ASJA Mosque during ‘juma’ prayers, Sulaimani saluted Rowley’s stance saying people are duty-bound to help and especially those in the Muslim community, even if it meant people having to facilitate a family in Dominica in their respective homes.

“People do not have food, drinking water and their houses have been destroyed,” Sulaimani told the congregation. He called on Muslims to begin putting together their Zakaat to send to Dominicans and they must be at the forefront in initiating such a drive.

“Muslims must not be holy only during the month of Ramadaan. What has happened to our neighbours, is a test for us. Or, it is a punishment depending how we look at it from an Islamic perspective. It is public knowledge that some of these islands are filled with lewed activities, for tourists. They commit sin. But, it also serves as a test for us here, for we are not to blame others, but reform others using the best way,” Sulaimani said.

The mosque was packed to capacity and included Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein, former House Speaker Nizam Mohammed, Justice Robin Mohammed and retired judge Shahfeyei Shah.

Sulaimani said that the calamities that befall some, is a test of faith for those who have not yet been affected by hunger, thirst and the forces of nature.

“Nationals of this country must never lull themselves into a false sense of security, in believing the winds will not destroy us, for we are told as Muslims, to seek refuge from the evil of the winds and the very water which cleanse us.”

With this in mind, Sulaimani said, Rowley made a bold declaration for nationals of this country to sponsor a family, relative or friend they may know who have lost their home in Dominica. “That is why I salute the prime minister. Let us not play politics with this. The prime minister understands the effect on the one who gives, at a time, to the one who is in need.”


"Imam: Don’t play politics in helping Dominica"

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