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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Tributes to Shadow


Two tribute concerts will be staged in honour of calypsonian Shadow (Winston Mc Garland Bailey) tonight and tomorrow by The Friends of the Youth of Trinidad and Tobago (FYOTT).

In its continuing efforts to assist TT’s cultural pioneers, FYOTT will host The Man, The Message, The Mood, The Music, recognition concerts for the former National Calypso Monarch, Soca Monarch, and Road March champion.

The first concert is at the Shaw Park Complex in Tobago tonight and the other takes place at the CLR James Auditorium, Cipriani Labour College, Valsayn, tomorrow.

FYOTT will present Shadow with a cheque for $75,000 for his cultural contribution to the nation.

Last year, FYOTT embarked on “Remembering the Legends/Tribute to the Icons” and similarly honoured Black Stalin.

The group was driven to start this project to celebrate and honour the artistes.

It noted that despite the calypsonians’ contributions to culture, “it is only when these artistes become ill or pass on that their worth is remembered with glowing tributes by radio stations that find every song from their repertoires to play.”

Chairman of FYOTT Hugh Grant said: “Last year it was decided by this group to begin honouring our icons in an attempt to preserve their music, lives, and legacies....With most of our veteran entertainers advancing in age, it is imperative that we celebrate and honour them while they are still alive and among us.”

Many of the nation’s top artistes across musical genres would perform Shadow’s numerous classics, with a performance by the “Bassman” himself.

Some of the artistes appearing at the event include, from Tobago, Shurwayne Winchester, Oscar B, Johnny King, Ainsley King, Leslie-Ann Ellis, Tobago Chalkie, Prince Unique, Dillon Thomas, Axe Back, and others. Artistes from Trinidad include Ajala, Gypsy, Chucky, Kurt Allen, Rikki Jai, Mistah Shak, Brian London, Singing Sonia, Count Robin, Mr Famous, and more.

For tickets and more info: Hugh Grant at 764-2611, Lennox London at 683-2792 or Lance Duntin at 706-7570.


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