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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Man to stand trial for kidnapping, sexual touching

Surajbally to stand trial for naked girls in van

A San Fernando magistrate yesterday ordered Reeshie Surajbally to stand trial in the High Court for kidnapping and sexually assaulting two young sisters, who were rescued by police after being found naked in a van in may 2016.

However, on a charge of giving alcohol to the girls, aged nine and 14 at the time, Senior Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan ruled that a beer could not be deemed a dangerous substance. Surajbally, 40, was charged with administering a dangerous substance under Section 36 of the Children Act.

Surajbally, a father of two of Lothians Road in Princes Town was charged with two counts of kidnapping, two counts of sexual touching and two charges of administering a dangerous substance namely a beer. The charges were laid indictably and Magistrate Rambachan held a preliminary inquiry in the Princes Town Magistrates’ court.

The State called eight witnesses including the two sisters. The children’s mother also testified. Attorney Pamela Elder, SC, who represented Surajbally, made a no-case submission arguing the State’s case was not adequately made out to commit him to stand trial.

On the dangerous substance charge, Elder contended that alcohol could not be so deemed.
When the inquiry ended, Magistrate Rambachan deemed that the state had made out its case against Surajbally on all of the charges except the administering a dangerous substance charge.

The accused was ordered to stand trial in the Assizes and bail of $300,000 was continued.

Magistrate Rambachan warned Surajbally to make absolutely no contact with the victims and/or their family whether directly or indirectly. Surajbally was ordered to report to the Princes Town police station once a month.


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