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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Murder at health centre

4 bullets to the back for Aaron Goorachan

SHOT DEAD: Aaron Goorachan.

Moments before he entered the doors of the Couva Extended Care Centre, to begin work, a 23-year-old ward attendant was shot and killed. Aaron Goorachan of Barrackpore died on the spot after he was shot four times in the back. Two weeks ago, he reported to police that he was shot at while driving his vehicle.

According to a police report, at about 7 am, Goorachan parked his vehicle in the parking lot of the health facility. As he walked towards the health centre, a man confronted Goorachan and gunned him down. Eyewitnesses said the gunshots caused people at the centre to scamper. The killer escaped in a car which sped off along Grant Street.

Goorachan worked at the health facility for the past two years. Police were yesterday viewing CCTV footage which recorded the murder. Goorachan’s grandmother Olive Goorachan, 80, who lives in Mayaro said news of the murder had left her heartbroken. “I still can’t believe it. He lived in Barrackpore and only two months ago came to visit me. I was so happy, I did not know it would have been the last time I would be seeing him,” she said.

Goorachan said she could not understand why someone would want to kill her grandson. “He was a nice boy, hard working and respectable. I just don’t understand who would do this and why. Four years ago, Goorachan’s father died from heart failure. Olive said the crime situation has gone from bad to worse. Goorachan was an only child.

Another relative said Goorachan had his entire future ahead of him.

“He had plans of starting a selling and buying car business which he often spoke about. We were told the killer did not take anything from him (Goorachan) so it is a clear this was a ‘hit’. But why,” the relative asked.


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