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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Five days without water

THE EDITOR: I write on behalf of the tenants at the San Diego Apartments, Upper Broome Street, Diego Martin, to advise that for five days we have not received a pipe-borne water supply from the WASA Four Roads pumping station, which seems to be not pumping at this time.

Calls to WASA are met with promises, but no definite one of restoration of the supply in the short-term. There are several other families higher up to where we are located who are suffering similarly.

I spoke to a senior board member of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation on Saturday and she gave me hope that she would get in touch with WASA and try to sort out this unreasonable situation.

No short-term solution has been divulged to callers to WASA, so I am requesting new Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte to come to our rescue and have the situation rectified in the shortest possible time.


Diego Martin


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