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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Tasers, pepper spray dangerous

THE EDITOR: Legalising Tasers and pepper spray for use by women who find themselves in desperate situations is a two-edged sword. These items are quite popular with the bandit fraternity and overused by the police in the big countries.

Struck several times with a Taser, you become comatose. No need for a gun. With our history of rampant domestic violence, Tasers could provide another form of giving “loving chastisement.” They do not want you dead, just in a lot of pain.

Do I need to walk down the road of naughty teenagers running about with cans of pepper spray? Bullying in school will reach a new dimension.

Who is going to provide legislation to prevent misuse of these deterrents? Who would sell them?

A doomsday scenario shows more women injured and beaten with their own Tasers. There might well be an increase in blind young people in all communities because bullies do not know when to stop.

Shops selling Tasers and pepper spray could outdo the Chinese restaurants that are often raided.


Diego Martin


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