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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Taekwondo specialist offers to help Keshorn

Master Jerry Chin, during a recent visit to Newsday.

Local Taekwondo specialist Master Jerry Chin has offered to assist double Olympic javelin medallist Keshorn Walcott in regaining his form ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

The 24-year-old Walcott copped gold at the 2012 Games in London, England as well as bronze four years later in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But Chin, in a recent interview, pointed out, “it is heartbreaking for (Trinidad and Tobago’s) main hope for achieving gold at the Olympics to be regressing rather than progressing.”

Chin, a taekwondo practitioner and instructor for 45 years, specialises in stretch flexibility and kinesiology, both in martial arts and sports on a whole.

He pointed out that, while studying in Canada in 1972, he was surprised to hear about the then-rising TT sprinter Hasely Crawford who was making for himself ahead of the 1972 Olympics in Munich, West Germany (now Germany).

“My eyes were glued tot he television watching my fellow countryman go for gold,” said Chin. “To my dismay, what was meant to be gold turned to a roll as Hasely pulled up (with) a hamstring strain. My heart (sunk) like the Titanic.”

Chin has developed powerful kickers by using kinesiology. One of his students has developed the power to burst the chain that swings the bag, upon kicking the bag. His son Elliot has the capability to kick a 70-pound punching bag a complete 360 degrees, while another son Edward consistently rips the punching bag in half.

Kinesiology is the know-how to enhance performance by improving mechanics and improving leverage.

Persons interested in contacting Master Chin can do so at 718-1915 or 686-0020.


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