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Sunday 22 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Signs that God is really a Trini

THE EDITOR: It is said that God is a Trini, and given the comparisons to other places, I am fast becoming a believer. Compare the mudslides in the Maracas Valley and other outlying areas to mudslides in other countries that swallow up entire towns.

Compare the flooding in my area of TT to the recent Hurricane Harvey disaster in Texas.

Consider the heartaches caused as a result of collapses like Clico and the Hindu Credit Union. Compare that to the fortunes lost to the ponzi schemes perpetrated by the Bernie Madoffs of this world.

Let me assure you that TT can boast of having the most honest businessmen, and the most sincere politicians ever to assume office. And God is a Trini.

Our children can walk the streets safe in the knowledge that they won’t be harmed or kidnapped. Compare this to the hundreds of innocent young girls snatched by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Our mothers and wives can go to sleep at night without fear of having their throats slit or of being raped. God is a Trini.

Our criminals only shoot each other; they have a high regard for the welfare of innocent bystanders. Murders may be up, but serious crimes are way down.

Scotland Yard and the FBI are envious of our law enforcement’s high detection and conviction rates.

Now don’t get me wrong, we may have a few problems but we are so blessed that for two days each year our women can dance naked in the streets without fear.

God is a Trini. To the bone. But I tell you this, if ever He decides to migrate I am leaving the very same day. I think I will go to Canada and sing calypso. Bless you all.




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