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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Security guards relieved of guns and company car

Two security guards who were relieved of not only of side arms but also of the company’s security vehicle while on duty in a housing estate in Central Trinidad on Tuesday, are now being questioned by police in connection with the incident.

The guards reported the robbery to officers at the Chaguanas Police Station.

Up to yesterday, police were still on the look out for the stolen guns and vehicle. It is believed that a tracking device on the car has been switched off. Security guards told police that at about 1 am on Tuesday yesterday, they were driving through the Chaguanas housing estate where there are a number of unoccupied houses, when they were attacked by gunmen.

The bandits robbed the guards of their two firearms which were loaded with the maximum number of bullets. The bandits then drover off in the guards’ marked security car.

Chaguanas police are continuing investigations.


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