Scotia’s MD Schnoor moving on up

Scotiabank's Anya Schnoor
Scotiabank's Anya Schnoor

Anya Schnoor, Managing Director (MD) of Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago (Scotiabank TT), will soon be promoted to Executive Vice-President of Retail Payments, Deposits and Unsecured Lending for Canadian Banking. Scotiabank said Schnoor's appointment "will take effect after November 1, 2017 and once a successor has been named to the role. We will announce her successor shortly."

This means Scotiabank TT will have to appoint a new MD in a matter of weeks, around the same time that Schnoor will mark her five-year anniversary of having succeeded Richard Young in the post of MD on November 1, 2012.

Schnoor is also Senior Vice-President and Head of the Caribbean South and East, as well as Chairperson of Scotiabank Caribbean Holdings Limited; Scotia Insurance Caribbean Limited; Scotia Life TT Limited; and Scotia Investments TT Limited. In addition, Schnoor is the current President of the Bankers Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BATT).

Congratulating its president on her new appointment, BATT said today that, "as an accomplished banker, who has made significant contributions to the banking sector, BATT is confident that Schnoor will bring a wealth of expertise to her new position."

BATT also recognised Schnoor for "her sterling accomplishments" as its president for the past year and as a director for more than four years.

"We wish her all the best and continued success in her new endeavour," BATT stated.

In her new role, Schnoor will be responsible for designing and delivering financial solutions that drive growth through Scotiabank’s Canadian branch network, call centres and digital channels.

Schnoor's appointment was announced late Tuesday afternoon.

Commenting on the news, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Scotiabank TT and Senior Vice President of International Banking at Scotiabank, Brendan King, praised Schnoor's experience and contribution to the bank's Caribbean operations.

"Anya is a highly-accomplished banking executive with a wealth of financial management experience. She has made significant contributions to our business in the Caribbean and instilled a customer-focused mindset with our teams across the 12 islands for which she has held oversight responsibility. Anya is an exceptional leader, and we wish her well in her new role," King said.

Group Head of Canadian Banking at Scotiabank, James O’Sullivan, also welcomed Schnoor's appointment.

"We are delighted to welcome Ms Schnoor to the Canadian Banking team. Her deep understanding of the day-to-day customer experience, along with her appreciation for the bank’s ability to implement innovative new solutions to meet evolving customer needs will serve us all well in her new role," O'Sullivan said.

Schnoor, a native of Jamaica, first joined Scotiabank Jamaica in 2006 as Vice President, Investments and Wealth, International Banking based in Jamaica.

Since then, she has taken on increased levels of responsibility for Scotiabank business across the region including Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Scotiabank TT, International Banking from 2012-2016, and most recently, Senior Vice President and Head, Caribbean South and East, International Banking from 2016-2017 with responsibility for the bank’s business across 12 countries in the Caribbean.

Schnoor holds a Master of Business Administration from Barry University and a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and International Business from Florida International University.


"Scotia’s MD Schnoor moving on up"

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