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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Murdered teacher’s wife: He’s going to Heaven

The 47-year-old teacher was shot dead on Tuesday night outside a Morvant parlour.

Hasley "Teach" Mack, the 47-year-old primary teacher who was shot dead by gunmen while at a Morvant parlour buying bread.

The grieving widow of murdered school teacher Hasley Mack, yesterday, said she was consoled by the knowledge that he was at peace and was going to go to Heaven.

The weeping woman, who did not give her name, went with other relatives to the Forensic Science Centre in St James yesterday where an autopsy confirmed the 47-year-old was shot in the back.

“I know he is going to Heaven. Just looking at him...he seemed so much at peace,” the woman said. “He did so much good during his time and impacted positively on so many people, especially his family, that I know he is bound for Heaven. I know he is at rest.”

She described him as an Angel who did everything he could for the benefit of the people around him.

Nicolette Martin (second from right), daughter of deceased Hasley Mack who was killed at a Morvant parlour, surrounded by neighbours as the family prepares for his wake at their home on Coconut Drive, Morvant.

Relatives said that in Mack’s final moments, he was thinking about helping others. They said when a car-load of gunmen opened fire along Lady Young Avenue on Tuesday evening, Mack pushed Jhamali Haywood to the ground, being shot in the back in the process. Haywood, who was still shot, survived the ordeal. Another man, James Julien, 25, was also killed in the incident.

Mack’s relatives lamented the state of the country in terms of crime when a law-abiding citizen such as Mack, who was on his way to a parlour to purchase bread, could lose his life via a bullet to the back.

“It seems the youth of today do not care,” a relative said. “For some reason there is something that older generations learned about respect that is not being taught to children today.”

No arrest has been made and investigations are continuing.



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