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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Progress unlikely under PNM and UNC

THE EDITOR: Contrary to what many may think, the PNM and UNC are not without vision or awareness of what is required for progress in TT. The two major political parties and their leadership are aware of the need for unity among our people.

Both parties periodically claim to be supporters of multiethnic unity but depend on mistrust and subliminal racism for their survival. Their history and base political supporters make it almost impossible to do what is necessary to move TT from a state of stagnation to development.

Imagine for a moment these major political parties seeking to diminish political influences in State corporations. That will be almost impossible as supporters and financiers depend on these corporations for jobs and financial rewards as compensation for political support. The port is a perfect example of stagnation due to politics.

There is need for the Port of Port of Spain to be restructured. All the container business ought to be relocated to an expanded and upgraded Point Lisas port. The area off Sea Lots needs to be filled in and the entire Sea Lots community rebuilt.

This area along with the existing port along Wrightson Road should be transformed into a new passenger ship port with supporting infrastructure of stores and restaurants. A new roadway from the Barataria roundabout through what is now the Beetham dump should be constructed in this area. It should continue through what is now the old structures on the port, bypassing the city and supporting a new roadway all the way to Chaguaramas.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle may not have the political will and party support to close the existing Port of Spain port, relocate the people of Sea Lots and close the dump, building a new one with modern recycling facilities in the Caroni Plains.

TT needs an injection of new economic activities, finance and development. Such new initiatives will require a move away from the traditional personnel and business practices of the major financiers of the two major political parties.

There is an immediate need for new personnel, new investors and new ideas. The leaders of the PNM and UNC know this. They are also aware of the positive potential of our country if one seeks new ways of doing things but remain paralysed by loyalty to structure and personnel within their parties.

If the major financiers and supporters of these two political organisations continue to benefit from keeping things as they are, our nation will remain in a state of stagnation and decay.


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