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Monday 16 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Pearl Bruce the pioneer goes ‘home’

THE EDITOR: Let us remember this pioneer of woman police work in TT, Supt Pearl Bruce. She went to be with the Lord on September 16.

Bruce was among the first batch of women police to enter this male dominated force in 1955. She and 11 other recruits were selected from 1,700 applicants to be trained over a six-month period.

The need for females in the police force became necessary after World War II when there was an upsurge in female and juvenile delinquency. The laws were amended to recruit women officers, their first roles being to deal with children, prostitutes and sexual assault matters.

Bruce, having been brought up in a strong Christian home, struggled as a recruit as she was unable to attend church during her six-month training period. It was a difficult experience for her.

However, she persevered and came through the ranks, rising from a WPC in 1955 to superintendent at her retirement. She was awarded a Medal of Merit in 1992 for her service to the country.

After her retirement from the Police Service, Bruce continued serving the country through her social work. And even when she was confined to bed, she continued to work tirelessly.

She became a reservoir of Christian literature, her room overflowing with several boxes of texts compiled and printed at her own expense and presented to all who visited her. She had sermons, prayers, meditations for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. I have a huge stack of her work and I intend to write a book in memory of her.

I have been blessed and encouraged by the times I visited her. Last month I visited her and when I was leaving she gave me a book and said, “I am lending you this book so that you will return soon.” She went “home” before I could return.

My dear sister in Christ, may you rest in peace. I will miss you. I will meet you in Heaven.




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