Mob beats, holds suspect


A man suspected of molesting a 12-year-old girl in South Trinidad was severely beaten by an angry mob, hours after he invaded the girl’s home during the early yesterday morning and stabbed the alleged victim and her mother several times.

It was the mob’s vigilance that led to the man’s capture almost 12 hours later when they found him hiding in some bushes and put a severe licking on him before dragging him out and leaving him at the side of the road until police arrived.

When Newsday arrived, the man, 37, was frothing at the mouth leading police to believe that he had ingested a poisonous substance. A bloodstained knife was on the ground a short distance away from the house. It is believed to be the weapon used in the attack.

Newsday was told that around 12.30 am yesterday neighbours were awakened by screams for help coming from the house and upon arrival discovered the mother and daughter bleeding at the side of the road. Further checks revealed that the back door to the home had been kicked in. The villagers found two frightened children –a five-year-old boy and a ten-year-old girl–inside the house unharmed but in a state of shock and crying.

Speaking to Newsday, a relative claimed that following allegations of molestation and a report made to the Ste Madeleine Police Station by the victim’s mother, the man attempted to take his life.

The relative went on to say that the man went ahead and drank poison and was rushed to hospital where he was treated and warded.

Relatives said he discharged himself some five days later and returned to the house seeking revenge.

“He waited until everybody was sleeping then to attack. His intention was to kill them but thank God for alert neighbours. They reached in time to rescue them and never gave up on finding him. The mother had wounds to her belly and hands. The child was stabbed in the chest from what I saw,” another resident said.

Both victims were listed in serious but stable condition.


"Mob beats, holds suspect"

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