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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Pink Tea with fashion

Michelle Hart cancer survivor, left, Nissa Hanooman, owner of Little Black Dress and Danielle Jones-Hunte.
Michelle Hart cancer survivor, left, Nissa Hanooman, owner of Little Black Dress and Danielle Jones-Hunte.

“Breast Cancer in TT, we’re coming for you!”

Danielle Jones-Hunte, founder of the The Pink Tea, a breast cancer awareness charity made the declaration at the launch of the 2017 programme, at the Little Black Dress in The Falls, Westmall on Monday night.

Founders of The Pink Tea, Karryl Whitehall-Morren and
Danielle Jones-Hunte.

As with previous years, she reiterated: “The only ‘cure’ for breast cancer is early detection, and that’s what we will be seeking to promote through this year’s Pink Tea which is more than an event, it’s a positive movement.”

The Pink Tea 2017 comes off on October 22, at Chaud Café, One Woodbrook Place, Woodbrook, from 4 pm. But patrons will have an added treat in that they and fashion muses, sent by designers from across the country, will walk the pink carpet. Patrons are also encouraged to wear touches of pink, and muses must wear their designers’ interpretations of the theme, Volume.

Showing off fashions by the Little Black Dress are Cherise Couri, Chloe Joseph and Ciara Mohammed.

On the day Trend Media will interview the designers and their muses, and it is expected that local press, fashion bloggers and social media influencers will create added awareness through their media.

Jones-Hunte said: “Trinidad and Tobago has a very high social media penetration rate. It was important that the event engaged a wider audience than the few who can afford to donate – especially in these challenging economic times.”

Event partners Krista Clarke, GM Party & Events Co Ltd and Leah Guevara from the Tribe family.

Young people will be actively engaged in fund-raising, hear messages about how simple acts like a breast self-exam in the shower, can save lives and see women who have survived breast cancer – and are alive to tell the tale, Jones-Hunte said.

Proceeds will go to the Associates of the Radiotherapy Centre (ARC) in St James, though Jones-Hunte continues to support the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society (TTCS) that benefited from last year’s event.

The Pink Tea paraphernalia.

From this year’s Pink Tea, promotions by the event partners at their businesses will be done and funds derived from them will be sent directly to the TTCS, or they will offer discounts to event supporters.

The Pink Tea team of supporters.

Jones-Hunte is particularly pleased with the support the event has received from organisations such as the Pink Hibiscus Breast Health Clinic in particular, with its general manager Melissa Roberts stating: “I hope The Pink Tea and the Pink Hibiscus will be breast friends forever.”



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