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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Happiness is you

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony –Mahatma Gandhi

For years, many women and even men have been searching for happiness hoping to find it in someone or something and unfortunately it can’t be found in neither of the two.

Happiness is not rare, as it resides inside each of us but because we allow ourselves to become distracted by elements in the external environment, some die without experiencing it. Happiness is indeed a subjective issue, but at the end of the day, it’s all about you, it’s that emotion that says I love who I am, I am proud to be me and I was born for a purpose.

The business of happiness is likened to that of a sole trader as it starts and ends with self-love and appreciation of oneself.

You can’t experience happiness if you’re unhappy with who you are; continuously worry about what others think and say about you; comparing your life to others or set unachievable goals. There is a whole host of other negatives and/or distractions that create a wall between you and your happiness.

Many also err in thinking that having lots of money and other material things would make them happy, when in fact those things are basic resources required to enhance the standard of living for you and your families. We have instances and/or stories of some of the richest in the world who are unhappy and that’s because happiness and materialism are not totally related.

Happiness is usually accompanied by some core characteristics including feeling satisfied with the direction of your life; holding yourself in high esteem and being able to admit to your mistakes and shortcomings. Happiness can also be achieved through finding satisfaction in simple pleasures and in your relationships –both intimate and family; maintaining an optimistic outlook on life; viewing setbacks and mistakes as opportunities for growth as opposed to failures, and being able to change your lenses of life in accordance with circumstances.

Finding and creating happiness is simple. Start by thanking God for life; have a sense of purpose – set realistic goals and pursue them with vigour; maintain healthy relationships which would add to your basket of positive energy – once you feel negative vibes in any relationship and/or collaboration, remove yourself immediately. Always live in the present moment as expending energy reliving your past is a recipe for disaster and frustration. Be grateful for the smallest things in life as that approach improves your life’s purpose. Life is not perfect and therefore it’s important to identify at least one person with whom you can share confidential information and who in turn can provide emotional support as no man is an island.

Happiness is a free gift – catch it now.

Sandrine Rattan is a communications/branding consultant, author and president of the International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN) Contact: thecorporatesuitett@gmail.com or intlwomensresourcenetwork@gmail.com or contact 283-0318.

She writes a weekly column for Newsday called With Women in Mind.


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