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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Bishop appeals to Judiciary: Reduce ‘disorder and wickedness’

(Clockwise from left) Bishop Claude Berkley, Chief Justive Ivor Archie, Prime Minister Keith Rowley and President Anthony Carmona share a light moment after a service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral yesterday for the opening of the new law term 2017-2018.

Anglican Bishop Claude Berkley yesterday appealed to the Judiciary to play its part in healing TT, by reducing the "disorder and wickedness" which seems to be rampant in this country. Berkley made this appeal as he delivered the sermon at a service at the Trinity Cathedral in Port-of-Spain, as part of the ceremonial opening of the 2017-2018 Law Term. Referring to a recent poll which claimed many citizens had low confidence in many of the country's institutions, the Bishop attributed this to "envy and selfish ambition." Berkley added this has created a "smart man culture" in TT today.

He told the congregation, which included President Anthony Carmona and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, "We have used God's gift for selfish means and it has destroyed us." Observing there continues to be a perception of rampant corruption and an inability to regulate many functions of governance, Berkley lamented that people in TT are constantly creating "conundrum after conundrum."

In passing reference to troubles with the domestic seabridge, Berkley remarked, "We can hardly buy a boat." Rowley was scheduled later in the day to appear before the Land and Physical Infrastructure Joint Select Committee at Tower D of the Port International Waterfront Centre, as part of its enquiry into the seabridge. Berkely said he hoped that in the new law term, the Judiciary will be able to help the country to restrain this trend of envy and self-ambition.

Earlier in the service, Justice Andre des Vignes prayed that, "attorneys who practice in our courts will be honest and trustworthy." He hoped the population would once again experience "integrity, fairness and humble service" from all members of the judicial system. Des Vignes prayed for Chief Justice Ivor Archie, "as he continues to discharge his responsibilities as the leader of the Judiciary."

Attorney Iyawo Ogunsola Tempu Nefertari-Moheni lamented, "We are still failing to adequately protect our children." She prayed that members of the judicial system and the society as a whole, would open their eyes and their intellect, "to culturally relevant solutions to the social issues that feed criminal activity in this nation."


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