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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Sally’s Way takes Mayaro by storm

Multiple award-winning film, Sally’s Way, pulled in a new cadre of fans when it was screened to a packed auditorium at the BPTT Mayaro Resource Centre (MRC) last Sunday. The Mayaro screening of the local movie, attended by two of the principal actors as well as its director and producer, won resounding applause from the enthusiastic audience when it ended its 90-minute run.

“I really enjoyed the uplifting message of Sally’s Way. It demonstrates that once you put your mind to it, you can overcome daunting challenges. There are young girls everywhere who face the same predicament as Sally, so the theme is very heartwarming. I think the acting was very good and it shows that there is great talent in the film industry in Trinidad and Tobago,” said UTT student Adana Lambkin, 18, who lives in Mayaro.

Similar sentiments were offered by other movie-goers from Mayaro/Guayaguayare for the film which was screened two weeks earlier in Carenage. Both screenings were facilitated by energy company BP Trinidad and Tobago and underscored the company’s longstanding support of the arts and culture of Trinidad and Tobago, including the film industry.

Sally’s Way chronicles the travails of Sally who is worried of being sent to an orphanage when her grandmother, her only living relative, is hospitalised. Taken in by the well-to-do Dindial family for whom her grandmother worked as a maid, Sally has to endure the taunts of the Dindial daughters and their unwelcoming mother. She also faces bullying at school. Buoyed by a positive attitude, Sally eventually wins over the Dindials and make her way by selling water to residents.

Welcoming guests to the screening, Kerneisha Prince-King, Manager of the BPTT Mayaro Resource Centre, pointed to some of the major cultural initiatives supported by BPTT over the years, such as multiple-Panorama champions BP Renegades and its equally successful junior band, the legendary Marionettes Choir and Pan-in-Schools Workshops.

“We are very happy to offer the people of Mayaro/Guayaguayare the opportunity to view Sally’s Way, which carries a very positive message of overcoming great odds, and to get an insight into the working of the local film industry. It is heartwarming to see so many children, accompanied by their parents, come out for this special occasion to make it a true family affair,” Prince-King told the audience before the start of the film.


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