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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Respect can save us from scary TT reality

THE EDITOR: The final leap has been made by the citizens of TT. A leap of individualism, conceit and self-absorption. The pride, respect, and concerns for each other have walked straight out the door.

Gone are the days of sharing worries and distresses, voicing of opinions and being each other’s neighbour. Welcome to the future of self-concern, egoism and selfish acts, among each others.

The citizens have once again proven that respect for each other and people in authority is non-existent. They have lost touch with reality as they are all self-absorbed in their own little bubble.

I know there is a saying “respect is earned and not given” but in reality, people of authority must be respected whether earned or not.

In addition, it should not just be people in authority but everyone, every citizen of TT, should be respected, no matter their age, size, gender, race or religion.

Likewise, the voicing of concerns and opinions should also be respected as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not because there is a disagreement it means one party is right and the other is wrong.

No, both parties can be right based on the argument they put forward.

Come on people, open your ears and eyes, listen and see what is happening around you and your neighbours.

Furthermore, sharing concerns, protecting, securing and being our neighbour’s keeper has been blown away by the winds. The current reality of TT is hard to swallow, but it is what it is. Citizens being self-absorbed in their own world allows free passage for anything drastic to happen.

Women are being robbed, raped and murdered. Children are being beaten and abandoned. Elderly people are being killed. Where is the concern for protecting our neighbours? Where is the respect for each other? Isn’t the current reality of TT scary enough?

A lot of effort is required to bring TT back from its current reality. A movement away from being self-centred, arrogant individuals and performing selfish acts for each other is required.

An effort to reduce the lifestyle of living in your own world or being in your own bubble has to be made. Keeping your ears and eyes open is essential for protecting ourselves and our neighbours. These acts are what will demonstrate respect.

Respecting each other will bring forth the caring, considerate, thoughtful and helpful nature of TT. It is respect for each other that will take the country away from its current scary reality.


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