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Sunday 22 July 2018
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Khan wishes Cuffie a speedy recovery

San Juan/Barataria MP Dr Fuad Khan is wishing Public Administration and Communication Minister Maxie Cuffie a speedy recovery.

In a statement, Khan said after being hospitalised just over a week ago, the news has been fairly grim regarding Cuffie’s recovery.

“However we must not lose hope in the ability of our nation’s doctors, or Mr. Cuffie’s own resilience as he has demonstrated in his political career,” Khan added. He has also offered prayers to the minister and his family and called on the nation to do the same.

“As an elected official, Mr. Cuffie swore an oath to serve this country and his fellow man, and so in his time of struggle we should not overlook this. I therefore wish him a full, and hopefully speedy recovery, so that he may resume his life and portfolio,” Khan said.


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