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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Welcome aboard, Miss Samaroo

THE EDITOR: I am happy to see another letter writer, Sumintra Samaroo, is zooming in on the poor treatment of the elderly in the country. And the differently abled must not be left out. This is an endemic problem at government ministries, public utilities and private sector companies. It is contagious like the bubonic plague.

For years, Anton La Fond has been leading the charge for proper treatment of the elderly and differently abled, and through letters I have joined this losing battle.

At the expense of being redundant, I will forever praise those wonderful people at NIB offices, the Pension Department on Treasury Street, Port of Spain, and those honey-voiced operators of TSTT. They have made customer service into a fine art.

In addition to fighting for respect for our cultural and sporting heroes, I am also happy to welcome on board another advocate in Samaroo who should keep up this battle until some people get it through their thick skulls.

Newsday, thanks for keeping this problem in focus.


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