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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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The Statement Skirt: The unsung hero

We can all appreciate the virtues of the little black dress or a classic white shirt. Time and time again we’ve sung the praises of that one piece of accessory that pulls an outfit together. And what about the versatility of a structured blazer? They are all winners in the style game. But what about the statement skirt – one that stands out and leaves a loud comment – is perfect for literally any occasion? It is usually visually appealing with one or more style elements that just sets it apart from the average styled skirt.

We may think that the statement skirt is new to fashion and is a new trend to be considered, but this is far from true. Statement skirts have been around since the mid-eighties, and made a bold statement in the late nineties with the debut of the popular HBO series Sex and the City. That white tulle mini will be forever engraved in the bible of statement skirts.

One of the best features of a statement skirt is the fact that it looks equally as chic dressed down as it does dressed up. The statement element or “wow" factor is the same detail that lends itself to the skirt’s versatility. A skirt doesn’t have to be dripping with sequins for it to fall into the category of a statement skirt. Reality personality turned actress, Lala Anthony frequently wears a white pencil skirt with a thigh high slit. While this skirt, which is easily one of her favourite pieces is understated and subtle, it packs a big punch. Its versatility is evident in the various looks that she portrays every time she wears it.

Another reason to laud the statement skirt’s virtues is the nonchalant chic look that accompanies it. Where a dress can look a little contrived at times, a statement skirt can emanate an understated style that is flawless. There is something inexplicably laissez faire about it that screams high fashion. The good news is that with the myriad of statement skirts on the market, from long and flowing to sexy short, you will have little trouble finding one to suit you. Here are a few images of fashion hit makers in statement skirts that are on point and on trend. Don’t skirt this issue, embrace it!


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