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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Peach fuzz and makeup

If you’re unfamiliar with peach fuzz, then you won’t know the struggles of wearing makeup with it. The name comes from its resemblance to the downy exterior on the skin of a peach. It generally isn’t very noticeable until you’re up close and personal. However, makeup can cling to it and if you’re not careful, can make it more apparent.

If you don’t want to accentuate your fuzz, I’d avoid airbrush makeup, since it will create the look of a fine mist clinging to the hairs. Mineral makeup should also be avoided since it needs to be buffed into the skin which will raise the hairs up. Lastly, I’d avoid very heavy liquid or cream makeup, as these can cling to the hairs, making them stand out and appear more obvious.

So, what options are there when it comes to dealing with peach fuzz? For starters, if you are comfortable, you can remove it. Options like waxing or threading can offer semi-permanent relief. Although the idea of shaving your face might seem frightening, it will give you the quickest, smoothest finish. It’s a common misconception that shaving will cause the hair to grow back thicker or darker, but it won’t. With skin treatments like dermaplaning becoming more popular, more women are getting comfortable with the idea of shaving their faces. Laser hair removal is another option, although it’s the most expensive and painful. You can decide whether you want to remove it and how. The other option to deal with peach fuzz is to simply learn to work with it.

The ground rule when it comes to makeup is to apply everything in downwards motions. You want to lay the hair against the skin as closely as possible. If you swirl your brush or blend upwards, you will make the hairs stand up, thus making them more obvious.

Start with a primer. If it’s matte or even a little sticky, it will help to keep the hairs down. I like Becca’s Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector for this step. Distribute the primer between your fingers, then press it onto your skin to smooth out any pores and create a matte finish. Once the primer is on, glide your fingers downwards on the skin to lay the hairs flat. Bear in mind that dewy foundations can cause the hairs to pop back up. I like to use natural matte liquid foundations for the best results.

Apply your foundation with a dampened makeup sponge, using dabbing motions and slightly rolling the sponge downwards. Opt for foundations that are light to medium in coverage. Very heavy coverage can be less forgiving on peach fuzz, since there will be a contrast between the colour of your hair and your foundation, as well as a textural difference.

If you need to, apply a loose powder using light, downwards strokes. You can actually skip the powder if you don’t need it. Just be sure to set the face with a setting spray. Model in a Bottle Original Makeup Setting Spray is like hairspray for the face. It will help to keep your makeup in place as well as keeping your hairs lying flat.

Whether you choose to remove your peach fuzz or work with it, the difference is really minuscule and it’s a matter of personal choice. In some cultures, it is considered to look youthful and cute; in others, it’s boyish. If you have peach fuzz, ask yourself how you really feel about it before making any drastic choices.


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