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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Panday: Bring on party financing law

Branding the almost $100 million “fake oil” scandal rocking State-owned Petrotrin as “Petrogate,” attorney Subhas Panday says this warrants party financing and campaigning legislation, now.

At a news conference at his San Fernando law chamber on Thursday, Panday said the sum allegedly stolen from Petrotrin in this scandal, is ten times more than what had allegedly been stolen by all bandits now in TT jails.

“However, there is plenty more space in Maximum Security Prison for these fraudsters,” Panday said. “Drastic action should be taken against white collar criminals and should take place now.”

Panday, who once served as a minister in the Ministry of National Security, said, “White collar crime and, in particular, party financing and campaign financing are the major catalysts for the escalation of blood crimes. For the past two years, this People’s National Movement (PNM) has passed no significant legislation to deal with corruption and white collar crime.”

Panday suggested that Government pause the draconian legislation against the ordinary man and instead pass legislation to deal with crooked politicians.

He said the internal audit in which details of alleged fraud were contained, had revealed the extent of the rape of the patrimony of the country and the public must not allow there to be any cover up.


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