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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Good job by Grande police

THE EDITOR: Kudos are due to officers of the Sangre Grande Police Station, especially Senior Supt Nelson, Inspector Lutchman, Sgt Nicholas Ramdeen, Sgt Duncan, Sgt Ramkissoon, WPC Nathalie “Penny” Phillips and PC Darron Henderson for the rapid response in apprehending the people who were terrorising residents of the peaceful North Oropouche/Fishing Pond district for some time now.

They have been stealing vehicle parts, committing other crimes and robbing a shop several times until, finally, they were identified by the owner. The nation needs more women like her to stand up for themselves and to fight crime.

Once again, a hearty thank you to the Sangre Grande police. Keep up the good work.


Sangre Grande


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Letters to the Editor

Too many CPL cars

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