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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Fuad: Bring back the hang man

Dr Fuad Khan

Barataria/San Juan MP Dr Fuad Khan is calling on citizens to put pressure on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to start hanging criminals.

In the video posted on Facebook, which you can see below, Khan referred to the incident where a 16-year-old schoolgirl was snatched from her Cumuto home on Tuesday and was taken to a shack two miles away. Police found the schoolgirl naked and hiding under a bed. A 27-year-old has since been detained.

Khan said once criminals are held, they should be tried between two to three months and then be hanged.

“If you have to hang them, hang them publicly if they want to. These animals need to be given a lesson. That person who the police caught, I would have no qualms in saying hang him ASAP, hang them all, they cannot be doing all these young girls that and it is time to send a message to those dogs outside there,” he said.


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