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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Time to break away from incompetence

THE EDITOR: For more than a week the WASA water connection to my neighbour’s property was dislodged, causing thousands of gallons of water to flow down the drain. I have been told that they have contacted WASA every day.

The same can be said for the water leaks on St Lucian Road in Diego Martin, Blue Range Avenue in Blue Range, Henry Pierre Street in St James and many others throughout the country.

We have gotten used to hundreds of leaks left unattended for exceedingly long periods. We are no longer alarmed by murder, misappropriation of public funds, failing infrastructure or the inability of our State institutions to function efficiently.

The Joint Select Committee of Parliament’s enquiry into the operations of the port has demonstrated endemic levels of incompetence that seem to permeate most of our government institutions.

What is extremely disturbing is that rather than seek solutions to our problems, both politicians and party supporters seem to be seeking ways to gain political mileage from what is clearly a very troubling set of affairs.

The wastage of our limited financial and other resources is no political football. Families are in pain as they struggle with criminal activity in their communities, deteriorating healthcare, poor water distribution, debilitating traffic congestion, an absence of quality long-term employment opportunities for our youths, and failing infrastructure. Most of this pain can be reduced with better planning and finance.

We cannot and must not continue to tolerate the irresponsible wastage that has plagued our governance over the decades. There are simple solutions to fixing leaking water lines, implementing better management practices, diversifying our economy, and reducing criminal activity in communities. Our politicians know this.

The obstacle to progress lies with the leadership of our major political parties. One can conclude that the major political parties are not as concerned with the needs of the country or their supporters as they are with the concerns of their financiers.

It is possible that since the financiers are largely responsible for the success of politicians at elections, it is their agendas that are addressed when political parties are elected to office.

That must change if TT is to emerge from the burden of incompetence that threatens our very survival. We must unite to save our nation. Labour, our public servants, our business community, one percent, two percent and every other percent must all unite in embracing a new political direction with new leadership dedicated to the welfare of TT.


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