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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Prisoners protest, wreck jail

A remand prisoner at the Eastern Correctional Rehabilitation Centre yesterday destroyed several pipe fittings and a toilet bowl while in a separate incident, another inmate attempted to pull down the ceiling, in protest over the failure of the police to take prisoners to court.

The incidents were confirmed by Prisons Commissioner William Alexander who said an investigation has been launched and steps taken to have the damaged items replaced. Alexander denied that the incidents sparked a riot at the prison which accommodates 70 prisoners and ten other inmates deemed as ‘high risk’.

Sources within the prison said complaints have been made about a pigeon infestation which has led to faeces from the birds falling into inmates’ food. A relative of an inmate described conditions at the facility as squalid and inhumane. The relative claimed that several inmates have fallen ill following the pigeon infestation.

Commissioner Alexander said he is aware of the pigeon infestation and added that a company was contracted to install pigeon-proof coverings for the roof. On the issue of prisoners not being taken to court, Alexander said this is not the responsibility of the Prison Service and this blame cannot be attributed to prison officers.


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