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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Jail white collar criminals

Saying every institution in this country was plagued by poor governance, accountability and transparency, Penal/ Debe Chamber of Commerce president Rampersad Sieuraj yesterday called for the jailing of those found guilty of white-collar (financial fraud) crimes.

Addressing a pre-budget forum at Powergen Sports Club in Siparia, hosted by the chamber, Sieuraj said the nation’s decision-makers have to be held accountable for the state of the economy.

“No longer are we to say heads must roll, no longer should we accept firing someone as good. It is time that we demand that anyone found guilty of abuse of office, nepotism, corruption, lack of transparency and accountability must be jailed,” he said. “We must start jailing for white-collar crimes, jail the corrupt politicians, police officers – whoever is found guilty of corrupt activities must be jailed,” he added.

On the national budget which is expected to be presented in the next few weeks, Sieuraj asked the audience, which included students from Parvati Girls Hindu College and Iere High School, whether budgets are “meaningful”, saying billions are allocated to ministries annually yet without any meaningful change to ordinary citizens.


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