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Saturday 20 April 2019
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PanTrinbago meeting descends into chaos

An emergency meeting called yesterday by PanTrinbago descended into chaos as members of a group called ‘Concerned Individuals for Pan’ disrupted the meeting which was later ended prematurely. Members of the group shouted: “No 500, no Panorama!”

Speaking on behalf of the group, Gregory Lyndsay told Newsday: “PanTrinbago attempted to call an illegal meeting. There is no provision for this in our constitution. That is an emergency general meeting they are attempting to hold but the last time an illegal meeting such as this was called, it resulted in court action.”

According to an internal letter dated August 30, signed by Richard Forteau, secretary for PanTrinbago, the meeting was called by President Keith Diaz to treat with matters toward the signing of the 2018 National Panorama competition. However, as far as the disgruntled group is concerned, the meeting was unconstitutional in that there was no quorum needed to proceed nor were they given the requisite notice for such a meeting.

Further, Lyndsay stated, no business is proceeding due to players’ short pay for breach of contract over the one thousand dollar remittance promised by the then Acting President Forteau, at the last meeting at City Hall held in early January.

He added that more disruptions are to come unless an Extraordinary General Meeting is called with the proper 28 days notice in accordance with the pan body’s Constitution and that a 60 percent quorum is met. “If one (quorum) is not gained, in accordance with the constitution, reconvene and organise a fresh meeting to avoid litigation.

“Then business can proceed. And of course pay all outstanding remittances to players for the 2017 Panorama, junior to large bands and for the ICP Steel Band Festival,” Lyndsay said. Up to press time, PanTrinbago President Diaz could not be reached for comment.

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