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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Enforce all laws and rules

THE EDITOR: One thing you have to say about the people of this current administration is that they are a really caring lot. For example, the Prime Minister recently asked the men of TT to treat their womenfolk well, which as we all know is real speak for “stop beating our women.”

The acting Police Commissioner often implores criminals to lay down their guns and to stop committing crime.

The Education Minister, kind caring individual that he is, often exhorts the nation’s schoolchildren to stop fighting and having sex in class.

The Transport Minister is on the ball frequently calling for the nation’s drivers to observe the speed limit and the laws of the road in general.

Finally, the eclectic Finance Minister is constantly cajoling taxpayers to pay their correct taxes on time.

Now, isn’t it wonderful to have all of these timely reminders in the media? Actually, as we all know, many of the concerned, committed citizens who care enough to follow national affairs in the media, including social media, already follow the rules, pay their taxes and treat family members and everyone, for that matter, with kindness and respect.

What we now need is First World enforcement of all laws, rules and regulations with swift and very harsh consequences for all lawbreakers, irrespective of what sector of society they come from.




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