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Sunday 23 September 2018
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Another fire ignites at Atlantic

A video screen grab of the fire at Atlantic LNG in Point Fortin yesterday.

For the second time in as many months, alarm was triggered in Point Fortin, shortly after 2 pm yesterday, as flames were seen coming from one of Atlantic LNG’s power generation units.

Disaster management units responded with urgency, to bring the situation under control, evacuating staff from both Atlantic and the nearby Trinmar base to their various muster points at Clifton Hill, where a head count was taken. Some businesses also closed their doors, in anticipation of a disaster.

Point Fortin Mayor Abdon Mason said he was alerted by his Disaster Management Coordination Unit, within ten minutes of it happening and was on standby to offer any assistance.

However, he said he was happy the situation was brought under control in quick time. Atlantic’s communications officer, Billson Hainsley, confirmed that around 2.15 pm yesterday, there was a fire at one of its power generations units.

In a brief statement, he said, “The company’s response and safety systems immediately activated as per design. The fire was quickly extinguished and there were no injuries. Technical teams are currently conducting checks. Atlantic is in the process of advising relevant stakeholders.”

President of the South Western Chamber George Alexis expressed concern that this was the second incident in as many months.

In early August there was a release of hydrocarbons, creating grave concern among citizens in the southern borough.

“We would like to hear something coming out of Atlantic to assure the public this is not the beginning of some series of incidents, nor that it represents the lowering of the bar on safety.”

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