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Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

The growing problem of corruption

THE EDITOR: I have repeatedly said the country is corrupt to its core. However, corruption is not the crime that is going to lead this country to disaster. The culture of crime, especially murder, rising general lawlessness, the growth of a terrorist movement, the rising number of illegal immigrants are the main problems in this nation.

This has come about due to previous governments failing to deal with general crime and lawlessness in a severe manner. They failed to nip it in the bud by turning a blind eye. Corruption has been in existence since independence, though well hidden at the top level of our society. Now it is generally expected and can be considered part and parcel of our culture.

This crime is more associated with our politics and at the higher level of society. Every branch of government is littered with the tentacles of corruption. It is apparent in our police system and even practised by some legal professionals.

In some areas of our society evading the arms of the law for committing this crime is secretly admired. It has now become well established, and I believe it cannot now be eradicated from our nation without outside help.

The problem is that the high-fliers within the administration of our politics are so professionally corrupt and open to bribes that attempting to find or implement a remedy has become a mountain too high to climb. They ensure that any machinery set up to investigate and bring an end to this criminal act is quickly eliminated.

It is however good to see that the Prime Minister himself has admitted that is a major problem. Your guess is as good as mine how corruption is brought to an end or controlled. Politicians themselves must shoulder the blame for what has happened to this nation since independence, which must include corruption, general galloping lawlessness, the growth of terrorism, and the annual rate of serious crimes and murders.


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