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Friday 17 August 2018
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Everybody is beautiful – stop body shaming

Everybody is beautiful – stop body shaming

You don’t encourage people to take care of their body by telling them to hate it –Laci Green

EACH individual on the face of this God-blessed earth possesses some of the most unique physical characteristics – and for this only, we need to appreciate each other instead of jeering and engaging in negative conversations and the creation of negative vibes.

No physical image is perfect and therefore it is always advisable to work within the limited resources that are available to assist in embellishing your image. Unfortunately, complaints of body shaming, and women seemingly joking at the looks of others have been coming to the doors of the International Women’s Resource Network quite frequently.

Body shaming comes from different places including self-criticism as well as negative criticisms and/or comments from others either verbally, through social media platforms or other forms of written messages. Individuals with low self-esteem are mostly affected and usually possess the least amount of strength to respond. Because our lives are filled and/or occupied with a myriad of important issues both at domestic and professional levels, responding to body shaming should be at the bottom of the list.

Low self-esteem and self-confidence are usually the major factors that influence people to engage in body shaming. Whilst some parts of the physical structure of both yourself and/or others may not always be pleasing to the eye, we must be forever thankful for life and refrain from continuously complaining, shaming or even responding to the so-called recommendations from others. Despite its levels of manifestation, body shaming often leads to contrast and immortalises the idea that people should be judged primarily by their physical features.

Whether you engage in body shaming others or you are victim, you should immediately begin your transitioning journey into a new horizon, start by identifying with messages that promote body acceptance, self-love and self-confidence; this provides you with the power to remove negative energies from within.

Love and appreciate your body just the way it is and also appreciate others for who they are, just see love and appreciation when you look at yourself and others; come out from your emotional closets and see the world as a place where you can co-exist comfortably despite the challenges and unavoidable odds. Stand tall and stride with blooming confidence at all times; keep looking at yourself in the mirror and proclaim that you love yourself and you are beautiful. Remove the inner enemy that keeps reminding you that you are not beautiful and instead invite an inner friend who can strengthen your resolve. Finally, just continue to thank God for creating a unique you.

Sandrine Rattan is a communications/branding consultant, author and president of the International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN) Contact: thecorporatesuitett@gmail.com or intlwomensresourcenetwork@gmail.com or contact 283-0318.


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