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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Return of ttt? So let’s laugh

THE EDITOR: I am a Trinidadian and “chupid” is not written on my forehead. I am not Twelve and Under and possess no Teen Talent. Do not bother to try Scouting For Talent with Mastana Bahar but the Indian Variety Show may add variety to Community Dateline. Play of the Month was a financial nightmare for Horace James. So Let’s Laugh by James.

CNMG (Caribbean News Media Group) was created in 2005 following the closure of Trinidad and Tobago Television (ttt) and the National Broadcasting Service to reduce cost and to improve local content.

CNMG is being closed to recreate ttt, to reduce cost and to improve local content. Hmmmm.

Further, workers are reassured that ttt may need more workers than presently employed by CNMG. Hmmmm.

In addition, ttt will reduce use of foreign exchange since foreign programmes will be kept to a minimum. Hmmmm.

And more money will be used to produce local content which is cheaper to produce? Hmmmm.

So why is CNMG broadcasting foreign shows? Why has CNMG not invested in local content?

It is a known fact that local productions are expensive and it is cheaper to purchase a DVD of foreign content. It will be cheaper for ttt because the Government will be paying the production costs, leaving ttt’s budget untouched. Ahhhh.

Horace James might be resurrected and happy to know that local productions are cheaper to produce than foreign content. The problems he encountered with the monthly production of Play of the Month are no more. Freddie Kissoon. Errol “Stork” St Hill. James Lee Wah. Paolo Kernahan. Ralph Maraj.

In most cases, workers of State enterprises and public servants do nothing to improve their personal cause but sit in their jobs to follow the non-productive status quo, only to awaken when their salary is threatened. CNMG. TDC.

I am a Trinidadian and “chupid” is not written on my forehead. So Let’s Laugh by James.


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