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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

QPS — a green place of great joy

THE EDITOR: Last month, Citizens for Conservation, officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Port of Spain City Corporation engaged in a tree-planting exercise in one of the greatest public spaces in the world, the Queen’s Park Savannah, also called the QPS.

The tree-planting was in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the expansive area dubbed by creative citizens as “the biggest roundabout in the world.”

I am in a bit of historical confusion because as a boy I was under the impression that this former sugar estate was given as a “gift” to the people of TT by the Peschier family. Now I keep hearing it was purchased by the then town council for the people.

Nevertheless, I have fond memories of the Queen’s Park Savannah which I trampled as a boy, playing football and cricket. I had the pleasure of witnessing great football teams and matches in front of the Grand Stand involving teams such as: Malvern, Maple, Colts, Providence, Sporting Club, Notre Dame, Dynamos, Casuals, Shamrock, Luton Town, Queen’s Royal College, College of the Immaculate Conception (CIC) and Fatima. Some players of these teams went on to wear national colours.

I also witnessed epic horse racing battles and rugby, as well as first class cricket matches. The Savannah is also an exciting space for walking, exercising and for “bird watching” — and I am not talking about the feathered kind.

Among my favourite vendors was “Georgie,” a coconut seller and street philosopher who could expound on any topic under the sun. Another joy is coming down the “bulltrack” or the paved “Carlos John highway” at Panorama semi-finals doing a slow wine.

I could go on and on like a “rah-rah” about the Savannah which is a place of great joy. Long may it live.


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