Murder victim’s brother kidnapped

Gunmen dressed as police in tactical uniform kidnapped the brother of a murder victim at Pleasantville yesterday morning, and up to last evening he remained missing despite a vigorous search by police.

Police identified the victim as Clint Beharry, who was snatched from his home at Pleasantville Terrace, Blitz Village, Pleasantville. Beharry’s brother Rennie, 29, and another man were gunned down in 2010 at Born Free Recreation Club, a bar which the family ran at the same address.

A video of the shooting, now viral on social media, shows a gunman storming the house dressed in clothing resembling tactical uniforms, which appeared to have the Police Service logo and the word POLICE on it. However, the gunman had on white footwear. On his heels was another gunman, similarly dressed but wearing black footwear. One of the gunmen pushed Beharry out of the premises. The other had a microwave box in his hand. Beharry’s hands were tied behind his back and they walked out. A third gunman, dressed in plain clothes, was also seen leaving the compound.

Police were yet to establish a motive for the kidnapping, which occurred shortly after 11 am, and could not say if the kidnapping was linked to his brother’s murder.

Rennie was shot and killed on November 18, 2010, following a game of “whappie” at the recreation club.

Kwasi Preddy, 25, of Pharaoh Avenue, Ste Madeleine, was also killed. A man was subsequently charged with the murders and appeared in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court.

Two years later, the main witness Colin ‘Monkey’ Baptiste, of Papourie Road, Duncan Village, San Fernando was shot in the head and upper body near a barbecue outlet at SS Erin Road, Duncan Village.

Investigators from the Southern Division among them Insp Gajadhar and Sgt Pacheco visited the scene. The Anti -Kidnapping Squad was also notified.


"Murder victim’s brother kidnapped"

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