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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Licensing official home raided, reports rape

The home of a Licensing official in east Trinidad was photographed and searched on Saturday night, following a report by a 27-year-old woman that she was allegedly sexually assaulted after a night out with the official at his home.

According to reports, a woman reported to police that last Wednesday night she and the top official, whom she has known for the past ten years, went on a date where they had something to eat, and a few drinks.

The woman added that during the course of Wednesday night she was invited to the home of the Licensing official where they had a few more drinks.

She said she became intoxicated and fell asleep.

When she awoke later that night she suspected that she may have been sexually assaulted. However the woman waited until Friday night, when she made a report to the Northern Division Police.

She was taken to a District Medical Officer, where she was medically examined and a medical certificate obtained.

On Saturday, at around 8 pm, officers under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent Daniel and led by ASP Mervyn Edwards and Inspector Birch went to the official’s home along with a police photographer and photographed the alleged scene of the sexual assault.

The house was also searched for any camera surveillance equipment that would assist in the investigation.

The official denied any knowledge of a sexual assault and is expected to be interviewed in a few days’ time. The police activity at the home of the official resulted in his neighbours gathering in front of his home to look on at the police activity. Yesterday, Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinnanan, under whose ministry the official reports to, said that he had no knowledge that the official was being investigated for an alleged sexual assault.


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